Hyping up brands since 2012!


The Hype Effect LLC team is comprised of husband and wife Chris and Jordan. Their skill for generating interesting and compelling content for social media as well as print lead them to create their own company so that they can help other businesses promote, stimulate and boost their brand, service or product. They have a strong background in the construction industry having helped a roofing and building manufacturer gain a strong and interactive online audience through the generation of strong and appealing content (images, designs, videos and more).

We create unique content for marketing and advertising using graphic design, drone, film, animation and more. Give your brand, product or service the HYPE it deserves


Chris White

Chris has years of experience in the tech and construction industry. Always on the look out and researching the cutting edge technology in the industry, Chris always has fresh and new ideas on how to hype up any business or product! He not only thinks of the present but also future proofs any advertisement or project. Chris has a educational background in English and Religion from Campbell University. He took Southeastern Building Products, online in 2014 focusing on a fresh website, facebook page, twitter and craigslist ads. The way in which he produced content and used social media quickly speed up business and projected Southeastern’s exposure from Clinton, NC to across the world! In Chris’ free time he enjoys chilling with his wife, daughter and dog as well as catching up on the latest tech news and playing video games.


Jordan White

Jordan has 11 years of experience in graphic design/film/animation and 6 years in print production/photo retouching. She holds an Associate of Applied Science in Digital Art & Animation from The Living Arts College and interned with Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California shortly after graduating. Her variety of experiences from being a sales person to photoshop retouch artist to printer and marketing director at a construction company combined with her education offers a well-rounded perspective when it comes to hyping up a product or service. She passed her Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Airman Certification Test and is certified to fly drones commercially. For fun, Jordan loves hanging out with her husband, newborn baby girl and dog as well as enjoys running outside.